Measure Biologics in Pharma,

the Infusion Center, and Doctors’ Office

In the Hospital,

In the Community,

Food & Water Safety

• Bacterial infections: a daily

  challenge, in medicine and in

  public health.


• Antibiotic resistant bacteria:

  Identify and treat quickly


• ID in minutes; No need to culture

  or do PCR

   - Scan (10 sec/scan x 4-8 scans)

   - Compare to library


• Versatile: identify UTI’s, test blood

  age, detect malaria, and identify

  cancer cells

  (limited by reference library)

–  Measure during formulation, in the

   laboratory, near the assembly line.

      • Microscope reveals contaminant

      • Raman tracks protein structure

      • No need to expose sample to air


– Confirm latency at point-of-care


– Use μ-BioRaman’s special syringe holder

   for multiple level focusing:

      • Focus on outside of syringe – test for silicon oil

      • Focus on inside – test for biologic

      • Move up – test for solvent

      • Move down – test for excipient


– Works with vials, cells and syringes