Getting a Boost from SERS

SERS =  Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy or Scattering.

• Special substrate (Au nanoparticle) + 785nm Laser = special resonance

• Effective over very short distance (few nm) = highly sensitive

• Boosts Raman signal 103 – 107x


How is it implemented?

• Construct in the lab*

• Commercially available


A step further:  Increasing specificity

• Convert SERS spectrum to Bar Code (- slope = dark;  + slope = bright)

• Conduct Principal Component Analysis (PCA)


Convert SERS spectrum to Bar Code

Conduct Principal Component Analysis

*W. R. Premasiri, D. T. Moir, M. S. Klempner, N. Kreiger, G. Jones, II, L. D. Ziegler, J. Phys. Chem. B, 109, 2005 (312-320).

SERS spectra and PCA, courtesy of  Dr. Larry Ziegler, Boston University, Boston, MA